Youtube Premium Month Subscription for $1.83

Next best price on Google is $11

Posted 2 days ago
Youtube Premium Month Subscription for $1.83
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


eBay is offering a month of YouTube Premium for the lowest price. The seller will add you to their family plan for $1.83/month. You have to buy a year in advance.

This is confirmed to work!
The seller buys family plans and sells membership separately.

What is Youtube Premium?
* Ad-free videos
* Download and Go
* Background play. You can run Youtube in the background to listen to audio only
* YouTube Music Premium

Regular Price is $11.99

Step 1
Go to eBay to buy a plan
* 1 month for $3.39
* 2 months for $5.49 ($2.75/each)
* 3 months for $8.49 ($2.83/each)
* 6 months for $14.99 ($2.49/each)
* 12 months for $21.99 ($1.83/each) - AVAILABLE
* 24 months for $39.99 ($1.66/each)

Step 2
Provide your Youtube email in the "message to seller" when you are paying

Step 3
The seller will send you an invitation to join Youtube Premium
The email will be from Google and with title "invited you and # others to his Google family group"

Step 4
Keep the seller's contact in case anything happens

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Guest #2931 - 1 day ago
Just use a vpn and set it to India, then pay for youtube premium.
Guest #477 - 2 days ago
It's a waste of money and a gamble. If you're looking they won't notice till 3-4 months. Then you'll get 'removed'.
Guest #541 - 1 week ago
Lots of worry warts on this thread. If you don't like the deal move on.
Guest #433 - 1 week ago
I just ordered this and provided my gmail info. I now have Premium!
Guest #433 - 1 week ago
I did this last time the deal came up and it's still working after 8 months. Family members can't see any info other than your username.
Guest #426 - 1 week ago
I've done this a few months ago. Unfortunately, it adds you to a family and I was already in one so couldn't do it. Contacted the seller, got my money back.
Guest #267 - 1 year ago
I wouldn’t do this ... it gives them your basic info as well and it’s not allowed. I don’t know why you put this up as a “deal”. There are thousands of things like this on eBay and Craigslist and these aren’t special deals or anything.
Guest #446 - 1 year ago
Not legal. and a violation of terms of service. Once again pushing illegal 'deals'
Guest #635 - 1 year ago
Someone kill this. This is 100% ascam
Guest #568 - 1 year ago
I'd be careful, doesn't really sound legal.
Guest #3080 - 1 year ago
I for one don't care about Google being ripped off. They are a trillion-dollar company and they make money off of you!!
Guest #6852 - 1 year ago
Stay away from these so-called deals. These sellers are selling other people's accounts. I made the mistake of taking advantage of the Hulu HBO deal. They say they guarantee it for certain period of time and after a couple months and you lose access to the account they will not reply back to your request to get you a new account. And that was supposed to be a 2-year deal as well.
Guest #2194 - 1 year ago
sounds shady as hell.
Guest #8701 - 1 year ago
Just bought, so far working great
Guest #5727 - 1 year ago is getting trashier and trashier. I rarely come to this site anymore because of garbage post like this one and the hacked disney accounts. Oh yeah and the fake perfumes. Thank God for real deal sites unfortunately this one is not anymore.
Guest #436 - 1 year ago
Was working good and easy to get!
Guest #534 - 1 year ago
this seems a little shady. the guy who offering this is just adding you to his family account.I am hoping this does not violate youtube's terms of service
Guest #648 - 1 year ago
Read the details of this. You are joining someone else's family account.
Guest #329 - 1 year ago
You are buying into someone's family plan. Buyer beware!
Guest #533 - 1 year ago
jesus christ, this isn't even legal. They're just ripping off google by using a youtube family account and adding you to it. They could get banned at any moment because google can easily see the IPs and know they're not from the same address. Good luck with this one folks!