Free Stock of a Random Company

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Free Stock of a Random Company
Sophia Davis

Apr 17th 2021 03:12 am

Robinhood is an app that lets you trade stocks. You can get a free stock of a random company just for signing up. No money deposit needed. If you want to trade, they take no commission for stock trading.


Most brokers charge $7-10 / trade
Robinhood charge $0 / trade

Step 1
Go to Robinhood

Step 2
Click on "Claim your free stock now"

Step 3
You don't have to deposit any money
When they ask you to fund your account, click "Skip this step"

Step 4
Go to Accounts -> "Free Stocks" -> Tap "Claim" to see which stock you got!

* 0.7% chance to get Visa, Facebook, or Microsoft
* 1.25% chance to get GE, SNAP, or Occidental Petroleum
* Most likely you'll get a smaller company like Aurura Cannabis, Ford, GoPro, Plug Power, Cronos Group, Zynga, Nio, Aphria, Sprint, Vivint and more.

Tell Us Which Stocks You Received
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If you have any stock recommendations, we are all ears too!

One of our users reported receiving Facebook and Microsoft

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